Assoc. prof. Tomáš Bubík, PhD

History, theory and methods of religious studies, cognitive research on religion, the study of atheism and irreligion in modern society, and philosophy of religion. For a biography and publications, see CV and Publications.

prof. Dušan Lužný, PhD

Sociology of religion, new religious movements and Indian traditions.

Silvie Kotherová, PhD

Buddhism, cognitive science of religion, and the theory and methodology of religious studies.

Assoc. prof. Daniel Topinka, PhD

Religious migration, Islam, sociology of religion.

Kateřina Mildnerová, PhD

Magic and witchcraft in Africa, ritual behaviour and the contemporary religious scene in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rudolf Havelka, PhD

Christianity, prehistoric religions, the geography of religion, and the cognitive science of religion.

PhD students: Radim Byrtus, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Intergenerational transmission of faith in families of Resolute Christians)

Olga Čejková, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Religious elements in hunting)

Jaroslav Hurtík, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Religious conversion in prison)

Lenka Jedličková, PhD (Dissertation topic: Spirituality in management professions)

Klára Kubálková, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Czech Ufology and two perspectives of interpretation of the "unexplainable")

Cezary A. Mizia, PhD (Dissertation topic: Tourism and Religion in Poland)

Markéta Muczková, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Amulet: Intuitive helper or strategic choice?)

Nikola Svobodníková, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Averroes, De distinctione sexus and the Jewish woman in the Middle Ages)

Michaela Šimonová, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Loki in contemporary media)

Vilém Škuta, M.A. (Dissertation topic: Religion and sport: religious self-identification and tolerance in Israeli football organizations)