Doctoral studies

The Doctorate in Religious Studies is studied at our faculty as a four-year study in full-time or combined form.

In Olomouc we focus on research areas that relate to the sociology of religion, anthropology of religion and cognitive science of religion. Candidates can apply for the PhD programme on the basis of an application form, which includes the submission of a dissertation project to be presented before the admissions committee. The dissertation project is required to include the title of the research topic, an outline of the issue under investigation, the state of research to date, the theoretical grasp of the topic, methodology, and a literature search.

One of the strengths of our religious studies program is that it provides excellent facilities for PhD students in the form of a cognitive laboratory where, in addition to the PhD students' own research, we conduct collaborative experimental research in the field of religious thinking and behaviour. We also use some modern technologies for this purpose (see the "Laboratory" webpage). The laboratory also includes a reference library, a room for PhD students and a kitchen. Doctoral seminars are held regularly every week on Thursdays in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

The supervisor of the study is Assoc. prof. Tomáš Bubík, PhD, who can be contacted with further questions, including consultation of the dissertation topic and the detailed form of the project. Contact:

Important information about the character of doctoral studies can be found here: